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8:00 pm   Dispatch: unit 923 there a 911 call 1165 new rd for man with a gun!!

8:01 pm   923: to dispatch what was the address again???

8:02 pm   Dispatch: It is #@$#^#&&^%# rd

8:03 pm   923: to dispatch your breaking up please repeat!!

8:04 pm   Dispatch: unit &%^ there are multiple )$% #^& $&$& firing at )(*^%#%

8:04 pm   923: to dispatch your breaking up please repeat!!!!


Broken Communications will slow the response in a Emergency!!! 





8:30 till Noon



Welcome to Birch's Communications


We provide many services to the general public as well as to emergency services personnel in all forms of Two-Way Communications and Emergency Lighting.



Communications is the key to all success !!!



Mission Statement

We are committed to providing cutting edge wireless technology to increase productivity and exceed the customerís expectations, thus creating financial growth and opportunities for our customers, employees, and company.